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Jayson Werth receives tribute worthy of heroics: A cupcake that looks like him (pic)

There is no arguing that Washington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth’s clutch walkoff home run was the talk of the town in D.C. on Thursday night and will continue to be lauded and celebrated as the team heads into Friday’s Game 5 showdown with the St. Louis Cardinals.

With that in mind, there is perhaps no tribute more befitting such late-game, clutch heroics that was recently prepared by Virginia bakery Fluffy Thoughts Cakes, a photo of which was uploaded to Twitter on Friday morning: A cupcake that resembles Werth’s head, shaggy hair, beard and all.

Following in the tradition of confectionery delights fashioned to look like a town’s resident sports hero, a la the tribute to the Oklahoma Thunder star, the James Harden Cake (and to a lesser extent, the James Harden Fruit Salad Pineapple Head), I give you the Jayson Werth Cupcake: 

Fantastic. The resemblance is uncanny. And it looks tremendously tasty to boot. What say you, David Wells?

GAH! I think I just lost my appetite.

[H/T Nationals Enquirer, cupcake image via @ThinkFluffy]