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How can I not showcase these outtakes from Kate Upton’s QQ photo shoot? (HQ pics)

To answer my own question, the response is simple: I can’t. I can’t not showcase these incredible outtakes from Kate Upton’s photo shoot for the July 2012 issue of GQ that was shot by the most interesting — or luckiest, or both — man in the world, Terry Richardson, especially in light of the announcement that Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander is dating Kate Upton, at least according to Verlander’s grandpa.

But back to the esteemed photog that is Terry Richardson. As you may know, Richardson has been along for the ride on the Kate Upton Express for some time now, and I feel like I’d be doing a tremendous disservice to my readers if I didn’t properly highlight that even Richardson’s outtake photos are a fitting testament to his incredible skill and immeasurable talent.

Although at the same time, if these were photos of majestic landscapes instead of Kate Upton, I’m not sure I would have opted to showcase them. But there you go.

Onward and upward.


…yeah. I’m not sure if you guys have notice it, but this Kate Upton gal? She’s purdy.

Bonus: Unfortunately, I cannot upload certain photos and screengrabs that document the now-infamous “Wet T-Shirt” photos, but if you’d like a gander at them, head on over to The Roosevelts. They’ll treat ya right.

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