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Tim Lincecum, following champagne facial: ‘Now I know what chicks feel like’ (video)

After losing the first two games of its NLDS series against the Cincinnati Reds, the San Francisco Giants completed a remarkable comeback on Thursday, winning its third straight game by beating the hometown Reds 6-4 in Game 5 at the Great American Ballpark and punching the team’s ticket to the NLCS.

And, as is customary in situations such as these, the victorious team, after celebrating on the field, retreated so it could treat its clubhouse like a frat house.

As always, the champagne flowed — or more fittingly, sprayed — like wine (which makes it unlike wine, I guess), giving rise to a humorous incident where Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum is seen receives what is commonly referred to as a champagne facial by a teammate, believed to be Barry Zito, of all people.

Lincecum’s reaction is priceless, but so is what cameras captured the lanky pitcher saying in response to being blasted with bubbly booze, not to mention an errant cork from the bottle.

First the video:

The audio is somewhat difficult to decipher, but essentially what Lincecum says is, “Now I know what chicks feel like.”

Right on, brah. Well played. So well played, in fact, that the joke would have killed with 8th grade boys everywhere.

And if by chance some of you out there are unclear on exactly what Lincecum is making reference to, allow me to defer to CBS Local San Francisco and its report on the subject:

“Now I know what chicks feel like,” the ‘Freak’ immediately blurted out with the television cameras from TBS rolling, in what was apparently a joking reference to ejaculation.

CBS Local San Francisco, everyone. Where no news, no matter how ejaculatory, is left unreported.