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Redskins defensive end loses bet to ex-WWE star, dresses up like pro wrestler (pic)

Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker — an avid pro wrestling fan who hosts his own wrestling-themed show, 4th & Pain — recently was forced to pay up on a lost bet he made with former WWE star Bill Goldberg related to the outcome of the Washington Redskins-Atlanta Falcons game last week.

But money wasn’t involved. Instead, the terms of the wager were as such: if the Redsksins won, Goldberg, who apparently is a huge Falcons fan, would have to wear a Redskins jersey. On the other hand, if the Falcons came out victorious, Carriker would have to dress up like a pro wrestling star, an occupation he so obviously admires and reveres.

Of course, the Falcons came out on the winning end, topping the Redskins by a score of 24-17, so Carriker had no choice but to honor the bet.

OOH OH YEAH!!! Nicely done, Carriker. It appears that defensive lineman went all out, striking an itimidating pose and even oiling himself up, the calling card of any self-respecting pro wrestler.

Even better, Carriker now has his Halloween costume locked down. Hope it ain’t too chilly in D.C. on Oct. 31, though.