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Pizza delivery guy: I got fired for cracking joke about Ohio State to coach’s wife (vid)

If a pizza delivery guy’s job isn’t tough enough at times: Dealing with crappy tips, crabby customers and a car that reeks of dough, sauce and cheese, one guy in Ohio trying to make an honest wage for an honest day’s work claims he was fired for cracking an innocent joke two weeks ago about how Ohio State Buckeyes defensive players better do a better job of tackling in the team’s upcoming game against Michigan State.

The problem appears not to be the guy’s material but the audience: The person the pizza delivery guy cracked the joke around happened to be the wife of Luke Fickell, who just so happens to be the defensive coordinator of the very same Ohio State Buckeyes.  Yeah, not good.

According to a WSYX-TV report, Mrs. Fickell ordered a pizza from Iacono’s Pizza in Shawnee Hills, Ohio. When the pizza arrived at the Fickell home, the pizza delivery guy — who didn’t want to release his name but curiously agreed to be interviewed on camera — claims he made a joke about Ohio State’s tackling abilities, a zinger he claims Fickell’s wife laughed at.

Unfortunately, the story about the zinger and the subsequent apparent guffaw from Fickell’s wife doesn’t end with the exchange of a pizza and money. Fickell’s wife apparently called to complain about the pizza delivery guy’s ill-timed witticism and unnamed pizza delivery guy was subsequently fired the next day. Unnamed pizza delivery guy also said that the joke was made when he was taking Fickell’s wife’s order, not when he was delivering the pizza.

Luke Fickell declined comment, but an OSU athletics spokesperson reportedly told WSYX that “it would not be uncommon for a consumer to register a complaint with a retail manager over a negative experience, if the Fickells did indeed have such a discussion. It is unfortunate that this individual has lost his job, but the responsibility for this should not rest with the Fickell family.”

It may be true that ALL the responsibility should not rest with the Fickell family, but some of it probably should, due to Mrs. Fickell’s apparent lack of a sense of humor and subsequent overreaction to an innocent, albeit ill-timed in the light of the audience, quip. It’s not like the pizza guy was crass or overly rude or was even saying that Ohio State sucks. He apparently just said the Buckeyes need to tackle well if the team wants to win. Maybe it wasn’t really funny, but it can be argued that it’s true.

And Ohio State won the game, beating Michigan State 17-16. So, all’s well that ends well, I suppose. Except for the now-unemployed pizza delivery guy. Sucks to be him.

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