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NFLPA Shop is selling Halloween masks featuring NFL’s most popular players (pics)

With Halloween only a few weeks away, time is running short for kids young and old to ultimately decide and settle upon what costume they are going to wear.

Well, the NFLPA Shop is making it easier, at least for die-hard football fans: For $11.99, you can purchase a mask bearing the likeness of some of the most popular NFL stars.

A Tim Tebow is not surprisingly available, although I doubt that the real Tim Tebow would condone celebrating the pagan-inspired ritual holiday that is Halloween.

In total, 17 masks are available, but I’ll highlight a few of my favorites below in a gallery.

Ha. They’re all spooky in a funny sort of way.

Kissing Suzy Kolber does a brilliant job of breaking down all the masks available, so definitely head over there for a breakdown of each that includes a “Scare rating” and “Potential high jinx,” but a few comments of my own follow:

  • Nice forehead on the Peyton Manning mask. Like Mongo, he’s got a forehead like a drive-in movie theatre. But he’s a good ship, so I won’t bust his balls too much.
  • What in the hell is going on with Drew Brees’ head? It gets increasingly larger the further up the skull you go. Is it Extraterrestrial Drew Brees or something?
  • Troy Palamalu mask doesn’t capture the silky smooth locks that years of a strict regimen of Head & Shoulders use would result in.
  • Eli Manning mask: Can also be used for a Howdy Doody mask in a pinch.
  • Cam Newton mask: Someone needs to get Cam one of these when he’s sulking and pouting on the sidelines.
  • Brett Keisel mask: Much like Eli’s, this one can be easily substituted if your child wants to go as Grizzly Adams…or a homeless person.
  • Mark Sanchez mask: A bit of a “date rapey” of a look if you ask me.
  • Wes Welker mask: Serial Killer. That is all.
  • Tom Brady mask: No comment. (Note: I’ve already ordered that one)
  • Tim Tebow mask: Carve “666” into the forehead and you’re good to go.

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