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Lawrence Taylor advises Tebow on ‘Inside the NFL’: ‘Find a nice girl and get laid’ (vid)

During his Hall of Fame NFL career and as well as after his playing days were over, Lawrence Taylor was known for his brash demeanor, charisma and no-holds-barred attitude. Oftentimes, the traits that made him an unstoppable force on the gridiron have gotten him in trouble off it. Actually, much more than often, but that’s a discussion for another occasion.

Other times, as is the case here, Taylor’s outlandish personality and outspokenness has proven to be wonderful fodder for some entertaining quotes, among other things. Thankfully, Showtime’s Inside the NFL recently provided a forum for LT to espouse his unique opinions on the relevant topics of the day involving the National Football League, and of course, there’s no more relevant topic it seems in the NFL than discussing New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow.

During a segment near the end of Wednesday’s episode of Inside the NFL called “Dear Insiders,” a made-up letter to Taylor was read by host James Brown, and while it never was revealed it was from an imagined Tebow, it was abundantly clear the identity of the mystery letter writer.

The letter read:

(Dear Lawrence,) Like you, I’m a clean-living, hard-hitting, good ol’ southern boy trying to make it in The Big Apple. What was the secret to your success? Thanks in advance, (signed) Tim from the Meadowlands.”

After panelist Chris Collinsworth astutely pointed out the absurdity of any comparison between Tebow and Taylor by sarcastically saying, “They got a lot in common,” Taylor leaned back, thought about it and unleashed this brilliant piece of sage advice:

“I would say he would have to go to church, Temple — wherever he goes — find a nice girl and get laid.”

Baa-zing! Amid the groans and chuckles from Collinsworth, JB and former Giants teammate Phil Simms, Taylor expanded upon and clarified his getting laid comment by adding, “I mean marry her if he has to…but he’s got to get some of that pressure off.”

In light of Tebow’s staunch adherence to virginity, well, you can’t argue with that assessment. Or you can. Either way, you have to admire — and hopefully, depending on your sense of humor, chuckle — at Taylor’s brutal honesty at expressing his personal opinion.

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