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H.S. QB pulls off unplanned ‘wedding bouquet’ pass for game-winning TD (video)

The “wedding bouquet” pass is quickly becoming the crème de la crème of unbelievable, jaw-dropping highlights from the football world  (and if there is any doubt to that undeniable truth, simply do a Google Search for “wedding bouquet pass” — that’ll learn ya).

Last week, another entrant made its way into the pantheon of highlight reel-worthy “Wedding Bouquet” pass plays, only this time, the execution appears to have been, for all intents and purposes, unplanned.

During a game between the Ravenna (Ohio) Ravens and the Field (Ohio) Falcons, Ravens senior quarterback Tate Bennett was having an abysmal game. Having already been picked off twice by the Falcons, Bennett rebounded late in the game, engineering a lengthy drive with the team trailing 14-9. Facing a 4th-and-4 from the Field’s 7-yard-line and less than a minute remaining, Bennett saved his best display of clutch heroics for last.

Bennett took the snap and with the Falcons covering the play brilliantly, he was running out of options quickly. The Falcons defense converged upon Bennett and with the defense wrapping him up and dragging him to the turf, Bennett, facing away from the end zone, heaved a blind pass over his shoulder that miraculously ended up in the hands of sophomore Warren Bradley in the end zone. Ballgame. Ravenna wins 15-14.

Said Bennett, following the game: “I just threw the ball into the end zone — I had no idea where it was going to go,” adding, “I just really was hoping that someone would make a play.”

And someone did.

And while Bennett finished the game going 9-for-19 for 88 yards, it’s likely that most folks will remember the  17-play, 99-yard drive he engineered and especially, the clutch heroics he demonstrated capping the drive with a winning touchdown pass.

Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good. It also helps to never give up on a play, no matter how bleak things might look.