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For a 9-year-old, this Pop Warner-playing linebacker can bring the pain (video)

Meet Brian Pope. He is 9 years old. He plays linebacker for the Norfolk Saints in the Pop Warner league in Norfolk, Va. And if some young kid on an opposing team happens to be foolish enought to carry the ball into his house, Brian Pope is going jack him up.

And not just with brutal ferocity, either. Pope brings the pain with textbook precision and technique that would cause Ray Lewis to take notice.

A video of Brian Pope’s greatest hits follows.

Just a heads up: Pope wears No. 3. But to be honest, it wouldn’t have taken you long to figure that out on your own.

Holy crap. That’s some mighty fine tackling with a high level of ferocity right there. I’d say be on the lookout for this kid in a few years once he hits high school and starts piquing the interest of big time college programs. Ah, who am I kidding? Crap, my guess is Lane Kiffin is already recruiting this kid.

[H/T Prep Rally]