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Dad puts son in goal, drills son in face with soccer ball via wicked kick (video)

In a perfect example of how some innocent horseplay in the backyard can abruptly go wrong before a person can say, “POW! Right in the kisser!”, here’s a father and son engaging in some soccer-related play and assorted hijinks.

Just before the dad begins juggling the ball with his feet, he places his son in goal and then does the “Shh” sign, for some reason.

What happens next is worthy of America’s Funniest Home Videos. You know, in one of those segments where the audience in the studio and at home laugh uproariously at kids getting hurt by well-meaning but ill-advised acts by their parents. Daddy boots the ball on a line-drive trajectory, son takes it square in the face.

Ouch. Here’s Dad, in the emergency room later that day: “Million to one shot, doc. Million to one.”

Man, that had to hurt. Obviously, the dad is horrified by what just happened to his son courtesy of the soccer ball exploding off his right foot. He runs to tend to the boy, as so does mommy.

This is where the two made a critical mistake. Once they managed to get the boy settled down and make sure he’s not injured, this is the time when you hit “delete” on the digital video recorder.

[H/T The Big Lead]