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Another tale from ‘The Twitter Adventures of Darren Rovell, Calculator Wizard’

(head asplodes)

Darren Rovell, the Calculator Crusader, the Numbers Necromancer, the Wizard of Wha?, the Mathematical Magician, the (insert additional alliteration-based moniker here), as he is wont to do, was back at it again earlier Thursday evening, punching numbers into his calculator and arriving at mind-blowing statistical inferences only the most skilled third-grade remedial math student would be able to arrive at.

As you can see above, Rovell alerted his Twitter followers to New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez’s prodigious propensity for striking out during the postseason. Not to be a broken record, but to break it down for everyone, here’s what was required of Rovell to arrive at that percentage:

1) look up how many postseason at-bats Rodriguez has had during his major league career;
2) look up how many postseason strikeouts Rodriguez has during his major league career;
3) divide the postseason at-bats earned by the postseason strikeouts, accomplishing this brain-draining task with a few grueling keystrokes on the old calculator;
4) …
5) Profit!!!

Bravo, Darren Rovell. Thanks for doing all that heavy lifting for us.

Note: for a brilliant zinger in response to this tweet, see here.

(thanks, Larry)