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Members of Chicago Bears go out for dinner, foot rookies with $38K tab (UPDATE)

On Tuesday night, Chicago Bears defensive lineman Israel Idonije tweeted a photo of the bottom portion of a tab from an evening out for dinner at Chicago steakhouse Mastro’s. And things got prettay prettay prettay spendy. At least for some members of the party.

As you can see the tab totals $38,091.91, with tax, and from what we can ascertain since it’s only a portion of bill, before gratuity.

But Idonije didn’t need to worry about busting out the AmEx or whatever, as according to his tweet that read, “Tonight’s Gonna be a Good Night!!” along with hashtag #RookieNight, it stands to reason that the contingent of Bears rookies at the steak joint were footing the bill.

It’s unclear exactly how many Bears players attended the feast, but just before the subtotal, there is an entry on the tab that reads “BEARSDINNER 3 $9999.00.” Maybe the steakhouse’s management staff saw a bunch of ginormous dudes stroll in the front door, recognized them as Chicago Bears players and quickly came up with a brilliant plan, telling the large patrons, “Our special this evening is what we refer to as a “Bears Dinner.” For $9,999, we serve your party one of everything on the menu.” And Idonije, well aware of the fact he wasn’t paying the bill, said, “We’ll take three. Three Bears Dinners! Haha!”

Then again, your guess is as good as mine. I’ve never seen a $9,999 on any tab I’ve been part of, nor do I intend — or afford — to be part of one in the future.

UPDATE: Idonije, apparently realizing that the rookie tab story had taken on a life of its own, tweeted the following Wednesday morning:

Haha. Fooled them. And us.

[ESPN, H/T for the heads up on the update to Jimmy Traina/Hot Clicks]