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Man selling ghost of Bobby Jones on eBay for $1,000 (note: he trapped it in a jar) (pic)

Jones, when he was an inhabitant of the material plane of existence

If you have ever dreamed of not only of being in possession of a ghost trapped in a jar but even better, having said trapped spirit be the apparition of one of the legends of golf, today is your lucky day, because for the “But It Now” price of $1,000, you can secure the ownership of the ghost of Bobby Jones that one enterprising and aspiring Ghostbuster trapped in a jar for the reasonable price of $1,000.

I refer to the $1,000 price tag as reasonable because who among us haven’t been faced with an ethereal being and didn’t have the wherewithal or quick thinking to snatch it up into the jar before it flitted off to wherever it is that ghosts flit off to because they prefer not to be trapped in a jar.

It’s safe to assume that the “SCAM WARNING” alert is going off in the heads of many of the more discerning and skeptical readers right now, but those folks haven’t read the seller’s completely plausible description about how he not only happened to come into contact with the Ghost of Bobby Jones but also managed to entrap the spirit in a jar. And he did so without the aid of a Proton Pack.

Via eBay:

Earlier this year, I began to hear strange voices come from my garage and specifically my golf clubs. The voice would repeat “Syringomyelia, Syringomyelia.” At first I had no idea what the ghost was saying, so I googled the word. Syringomyelia is the disease that paralyzed killed hall of fame golfer Bobby Jones. I asked the apparition are you Bobby Jones? The ghost then became visible dressed in 1950’s golfing gear. The ghost said yes I am Bobby Jones. I didn’t know what to do, so in panic I took the jar next to me and forced the ghost of Bobby Jones into the container. Thankfully this ghostly version of Bobby Jones was the paralyzed version of him and not the pristine athlete from the 1920’s.

As much as I like having Mr.Jones in my house, my wife is petrified of ghosts and is now forcing me to sell him. I have decided to sell Mr. Jones on ebay and donate half of the proceeds to the cure Syringomyelia fund.

Unfortunately Mr. Jones ghost can only be seen by true believers. If you are not a true believer bid with caution, for you may be unable to see him. I will not be giving refunds, so bid with caution as this is something impossible to authenticate and verify.

Don’t worry: It’s the paralyzed ghost of Bobby Jones, so cramming the spirit in the jar ain’t no big deal

Man, isn’t that always the case? A husband is forced to part with his beloved sports collectibles because his battle axe of an old ball and chain forces him to do so? Hardly seems fair.

But one man’s unfortunate domestic situation provides another person the chance at procuring perhaps the most unique, celestial and intangible piece of sports memorabilia on the market. And only for $1,000. Seems like a sweet deal.

One warning for all you potential bidders out there who are married: First off, make sure you are a true believer. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, better make sure your wife ain’t afraid of no ghost.

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