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Lady’s crappy broom singlehandedly may have doomed chance of Reds sweep (pic)

The Cincinnati Reds had a wonderful opportunity to sweep the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday night in Game 3 of the teams’ National League Division Series game at the Great American Ballpark. But there is a chance that one lady’s ill-advised decision to bring a crappy, broken-down broom to the festivities may have put some bad mojo on the hometown team courtesy of a broom that even the Wicked Witch of the West would turn her green, bulbous noes up at and refuse to fly around on, thus┬áruining any possibility of the Reds efficiently moving on to the NLCS.

As you likely already know or have surmised by this point, the Reds lost in 10 innings to the Giants by a score of 2-1, prolonging the series at the last one more game.

As you can see, the broom is not so much a broom but more of a wooden stick with some of those, uh, broom-sweeping strand thingies sparsely wrapped around the end of it. Was this lady, who obviously had the best intentions, simply unwilling to bring her “fancy broom” to the game for fear it could be damaged or lost, forcing her to spend a measly ten bucks to spring for a new broom?

As I mentioned above, her heart was in the right place, but man, that’s one broom that should have been thrown in the trash a long time ago. Sheesh.

[via @cjzero, by way of BLS]