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Alabama Crimson Tide fans family portrait: Dad pretends he’s about to throw baby (pic)

Alrighty then. Just one thing, Clan of Alabama Crimson Tide Fans Who Take Whimsical Family Portraits: If Daddy did in fact make the horrible decision to toss the baby like a football over to Mama, please, please, please tell me she had the good sense not to spike the poor infant. You know, because excessive celebrations and such shameless displays of that ilk are just not how Alabama football rolls.

Speaking of rolls: Roll tide, indeed. And how much do you want to bet that kid is named Nick, Saban or some variation of the venerated head coach’s name? Even if it is a girl. Maybe Lou, Coach Saban’s middle name. That would work for both genders, I reckon.

And I wonder if Mama and Papa Crimson Tide were invited to this wedding. It was the Alabama-themed social event of the season after all.

[H/T Outkick the Coverage, via Lost Lettermen]