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Yankees fans can now wear their arrogant sense of entitlement on their sleeves (pic)

Hardball Talk has bequeathed the label, “The Most Yankees Fan T-Shirt Ever” to this piece of New York Yakees-themed apparel available for purchase from Majestic, and there really isn’t any way to dispute that opinion.

The shirt, available for $21.99, bears the message, “New York Yankees: We’re Just Better” and while the title above is a bit misleading since it is in fact a t-shirt with hardly any sleeves to mention, it does capture perfectly how the average Yankees fan possesses the opinion that their beloved Bronx Bombers are simply better than every other MLB franchise.

And sadly, for the most part — and as much as Yankees haters prefer not to admit it — the message contained on the shirt is dead-on accurate.

But if this particular t-shirt is not over-the-top enough for the braggart Yankees fan, Majestic has the following offering if some Yankees backer really wants to drive the point home that the team is gold standard of MLB franchises:

Ugh. That’s just wrong, man. But so frustratingly true. Although I’m pretty sure any Yankees fan wearing this shirt automatically would qualify for admittance into the Hall of Fan Douchebaggery. If only such a thing were real.

[H/T Hardball Talk]