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Reggie Bush confirms girlfriend is pregnant, has interesting plan if it’s a girl

Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush confirmed that his girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, is pregnant during his weekly appearance on a South Florida radio station.

Said Bush:

“We can’t wait. It’s an opportunity to bring in a new life and raise a child. I think that’s the most special gift to a man and a woman. I look forward to it and to building a family.”

Obviously, a big congratulations goes out to Bush and Avagyan first, but something that Reggie Bush said later during the interview about the impending birth and whether or not the baby will be a boy or a girl is somewhat troubling, in a humorous sort of way.

Saying that he’s hoping for a boy, here’s what Bush added during the interview about what he would do if Avagyan does in fact give birth to a girl:

“I’m excited. I can’t wait and I look forward to it. I’m hoping for a boy, cause if it’s a girl I’m going straight to the gun shop to buy some guns.”

Hmm…that’s…odd. But certainly not the first time a soon-to-be daddy expressed fear over the possible impending birth of a little girl.

Oh, and I suppose I’ll mention that Bush’s ex, Kim Kardashian, apparently is devastated about the news that Bush’s girlfriend is with child. This is obviously relevant because I guess we’re supposed to give a crap about how she feels about it. Although I should point out that I don’t at all, nor do I expect that any of you do, either.

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