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Ichiro avoids multiple tag attempts by O’s catcher with some nifty moves, scores (vid)

Even though the team ended up losing by a score of 3-2 to the Baltimore Orioles in Game 2 of its American League Division Series match-up, New York Yankees outfielder Ichiro Suzuki made the play of the game when he was able to avoid several tags by O’s catcher Matt Wieters with a series of Matrix-like moves that completely flustered Wieters’ futile attempts at touching Ichiro with the mitt.

Ichiro scored the Yankees’ first run in the top of the 1st inning after Robinson Cano ripped a double. As Wieters received the relay, Ichiro makes a wide circle (out of the baseline?) around Wieters and then deftly tiptoed back to home plate, slapping it with his hand after making a lunge for plate while avoiding yet another desperate tag attempt by Wieters.

Said Ichiro, through an interpreter, about the amazing play:  “It’s not something you can practice,” adding, “It’s just something you feel; it’s just instincts at that time.” So, I guess what Ichiro is saying is the ability to pull off crazy moves like he did is like harnessing the Force, apparently, and Ichiro is some kind of Jedi master or something.

[animated GIF by SB Nation, via The Roosevelts]