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Here’s Bryce Harper getting snippy with a veteran St. Louis sports columnist (video)

Granted, it’s not surprising that Washington Nationals rookie phenom Bryce Harper was a bit crabby following the team’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday. Not only had the Nats lost the game, getting thrashed by the Cards 12-4 to even up the series at one game apiece, Harper is also struggling mightily at the plate in the series, going an abysmal 1-10 with an astounding 6 strikeouts.

Still, in spite of his frustration, not to mention his youthful brashness, those things probably do not excuse Harper’s flippant behavior during a back and forth with veteran St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Rick Hummel.

Following the game, Hummel asked Harper, in light of his extreme struggles at the plate, if the young man was feeling “overanxious.” Harper didn’t take kindly to the question.

Harper’s sarcastic, bemused response to Hummel’s inquiry (at about the 45-second mark of the video):  “Do I look overanxious? Do you think so? Maybe you should be the hitting coach.” Yowsers.

As alluded to above, Harper is only a rookie, not even 20 years old, which is mind-blowing in its own right, so a little leeway should be afforded him in the media relations standpoint. He is the guy who chastised a Toronto reporter by going with the now-classic retort, “That’s a clown question, bro,” so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Harper is not as savvy as a seasoned veteran.

Still, Harper showing a modicum of disrespect for a sportswriter that’s in the Hall of Fame and has been writing for as long as Harper has been alive probably was not one of his finest moments. But in the end, Harper will be just fine. And I’m pretty sure Hummel isn’t too broken up about his encounter with the brash rookie, either.

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