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Browns fan stabs 51-year-old Browns fan father over wager disagreement

Sometimes, tempers flare when you combine NFL football, family and the act of wagering hard-earned money on some aspect related to the outcome of a particular game. And when you add into that already volatile mix being a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan, well, you have a recipe for disaster; or, at least in this particular situation, a savage outbreak of family member-on-family member violence.

Logan H. Knight, 22, has been charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly stabbed his father outside a Buffalo Wild Wings in Heath, Ohio, which is located a few hours outside of Cleveland.

According to court documents, a disagreement occurred between the son and his 51-year-old old man in the parking lot outside the BW3 over an unknown wager. The two had been watching their beloved Browns take on the New York Giants on Sunday with family and friends. After the elder Knight apparently slammed his son’s hand in a car door, a scuffle ensued and punches between the two were exchanged, culminating with Logan Knight pulling out a pocket knife and plunging the blade into his father’s leg.

When police arrived on the scene at the restaurant, neither of the combatants were still there, but they were later found at a nearby hospital where they were receiving treatment. Logan Knight was arrested and charged and currently the old man is not facing any charges related to the melee.

There is no word whether or not the fact that the Browns were blown out by the Giants 41-27, dropping the team to 0-5, was a contributing factor in the incident’s escalation from a simple disagreement to an outbreak of punchy violence — and ultimately, knife-play — between father and son. Although perhaps, in light of how tough it is to be a Cleveland sports fan at its core and disappointing essence, – simply being a Browns fan is cause enough on some occasions to warrant things boiling over a tad.

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