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Nap time: Charles Barkley falls asleep on the set of NBA TV’s ‘Open Court’ (video)

The second season of NBA TV’s critically acclaimed series Open Court does not premiere until Oct. 9, but video has surfaced of some behind-the-scenes hilarity that occurred when Charles Barkley dozes off on the set, much to the delight and hooting and hollering of his cohorts, Reggie Miller, Kenny Smith and Chris Webber.

Round Mound of Rebound? More like Round Mound of Sleep-Sound, amirite? Actually, that moniker is really not appropriate any longer now that Barkley has dropped some weight, but anyway…

Perhaps the most amusing part of the entire scene is how Barkley appears to briefly awake only to briefly drift off into Slumber Land once again. How does he manage to fall back asleep with all the guys laughing at him? Must have been long night for Sir Charles the evening before this day on the set. And we all know Barkley is more than familiar with those kind of wild nights.

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