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Mickelson will try raising $1M for charity during halftime on Monday Night Football

During halftime of the game between the San Diego Chargers — his hometown NFL squad — and the Denver Broncos on Oct. 15, Phil Mickelson will attempt to win up to $1 million for charity through a trick shot golf exhibition. It just so happens said game between the Chargers and the Broncos will be a nationally televised game on Monday Night Football.

Called the “KPMG Chip4Charity,” Mickelson will set up on one side of Qualcomm Stadium in the end zone and attempt to hit a target 100 yards away located in the opposite end zone. If Phil somehow manages to hit the “bulls-eye” in the target, KPMG, a Mickelson sponsor, will donate $1 million to First Book, a nonprofit organization that provides new books to less fortunate children.

If Phil does in fact hit the “bulls-eye,” the $1 million will amount to 400,000 books. Not a bad haul. Of course, there are incremental amounts that KPMG will donate to First Book, and it breaks down as follows:

If Mickelson hits the “green” of the target, $50,000 will be donated. Three smaller target rings located around a “hole,” will generate anywhere from $100,000 to the aforementioned $1 million “bulls-eye” shot.

More on Mickelson and KPMG’s charitable endeavor:

KPMG’s Family for Literacy program teamed with Mickelson and First Book to create the “Blue for Books” program in March 2012. That program encourages golf fans to purchase Mickelson’s authentic blue KPMG Tour hat at KPMG donates all the net proceeds to First Book, which provides deserving children three books for each hat sold.

“My wife, Amy, and I, feel strongly that literacy and education are critical to the future success of today’s youth,” said Mickelson. “I am extremely proud to be part of the Blue for Books campaign and it’s just great to know that for every blue hat I see out in the gallery each week, three new books are in the hands of kids who need them most.” 

Good luck, Phil. Although I’m not sure he needs it. The dude has got mad skills.

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