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Did Michael Vick inadvertently reveal via tweeted photo that he owns a dog? (photos)

Obviously, whether or not Michael Vick is currently a dog owner would certainly cause a fair share of discussion. And if it were true, Vick would be on the receiving end of endless criticism and even absolute condemnation from individuals fervently against the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback ever being responsible for the care of another dog in light of his shameful, criminal past.

This is what makes what transpired on Vick’s Twitter account on Thursday night so interesting. Vick posted the above photo showing him sitting at a table with his daughter. As you can see, it appears that there is an opened box of Milk Bones sitting on the table in the upper-right corner of the photo.

Crossing Broad had the wherewithal to capture the image, which was a good idea, because shortly thereafter, Vick deleted the original tweet containing the above image and subsequently replaced it with a tweet reading, “We workin #filmstudy #nodaysoff #bleedgreen,” along with a nearly identical photo (below), only in the new pic, the box of Milk Bones is conspicuously absent:

Of course, this is all at best conjecture at this point, but the presence of Milk Bones is a fairly strong indicator that there may be a canine in the home.

It warrants pointing out that nothing precludes Vick from owning a dog at this point, at least legally. From a public relations standpoint, Vick likely would prefer it not to be known, nor would he want it to come out that he is a dog owner in such a manner. You may recall that Vick told Piers Morgan during an interview in July that he would like to get a dog for his kids, saying, “I can’t take that dream away from them.” But as we all know, the public at-large has not forgotten about Vick’s deplorable dog-fighting past, much less forgiven him for it.

In the end, the inadvertently tweeted photo containing plausible evidence that Vick may in fact have a dog now is probably the kind of distraction neither he nor the Eagles are keen on dealing with at the present point in time.