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Swiss tennis player asks opponent to wake up fan sleeping in stands (video)

During his match against No. 9-ranked player Janko Tipsarevic at the Japan Open on Thursday, Swiss tennis player Marco Chiudinelli briefly halted their match to ask his opponent to wake up a spectator in the stands behind Tipsarevic who was nodding off. Why? Apparently, the fact that this fan was not enthralled with the match became quite the distraction for Chiudinelli.

But what did Tipsarevic do to rouse the napping fan from his slumber? Fire a scorching forehand into his forehead? Tiptoe over and gently wake him up with a gentle pat and a hushed voice? Something in between, perhaps?

Yep. It was something in between. Tipsarevic lobbed a ball into the stands, presumably at or nearby the offending snoozer. And while it can’t be confirmed for certain from the video whether Tipsarevic’s toss was effective, I’m sure it was, as the match continued. And if there’s one thing you should know about Marco Chiudinelli, he doesn’t tolerate such rude displays of passive disinterest. At least that’s a reasonable assumption — he is the one that stopped a match to wake up some sleeping fan after all, right?

[H/T Game On!]