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Major League Baseball selling dirt to commemorate Cabrera’s Triple Crown (pic)

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera became only the 15th player in MLB history to win the Triple Crown and the first player to do so since Carl Yastrzemski accomplished the feat with the Boston Red Sox in 1967.

Such an amazing and rare accomplishment certainly warrants celebration and is deserving of appropriate commemoration, but perhaps selling dirt, as Major League Baseball is presently doing, might be a bit over the top and a tad bit questionable as a way to properly pay tribute to Cabrera’s incredible accomplishment.

But wait. There’s more. The dirt in question, available at, retails for $39.99. Yep, 40 bucks for some dirt.

But it does come in a pretty nifty acrylic stand! Check it out!

A 3″x3″ Etched Acrylic Desktop stand, I should note. Three inches by three inches. And it’s a “dirt coin,” which according to the description, means the dirt, which as you can see above, is “Authenticated Batter Box Dirt,” from somewhere, I guess. Maybe Comerica Park, maybe a batter box from some little league stadium located in Detroit or Flint or Cabrera’s hometown of  Maracay in Venezuela. Who knows?  But Major League Baseball assures potential buyers that it is “authenticated.”

One interesting note from the listing: it is explicitly pointed out that “*List price is for reference only. No sales may have occurred at this price.” No idea what that means, either.

What a deal.

[H/T The Postgame]