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Improvisational comedy? Liam Neeson appears on SportsCenter, says ‘s**t’ (video)

Liam Neeson, one of the finest actors in show business, has been undertaking what I’m sure is the grueling-but-have-to-do-it task of an aggressive media tour to promote the release of his new film, Taken 2. For some reason, the folks at ESPN brought him on for an appearance on SportsCenter.

During his back-and-forth with SportsCenter anchor guy — to be honest I don’t know his name and am far too lazy to make the effort to figure it out (sue me) — about the Jets game against the 49ers on Sunday, Mr. Neeson asks if they can start over, then says, “Are we live? Oh s**t.” Classic.

Brilliant. And yes, some of you may have noticed the reference in the title to another piece of Liam Neeson brilliance: his cameo on Ricky Gervais’ Life’s Too Short. And to be honest, being able to make that reference is pretty much the sole reason for this post, so here’s the video of that hilarious and awkward scene from the HBO series:

Ha. Full-blown AIDS. Gold.

[H/T Bob’s Blitz]