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Ichiro appears to not much appreciate Joba Chamberlains’s champagne bath (pic)

On Wednesday night, the New York Yankees, as is baseball tradition, celebrated their American League East title with some champagne-dumping shenanigans in the clubhouse.

Ichiro, who joined the Yankees on July 23 after he requested a trade from the Seattle Mariners after 11+ highly productive seasons with the team, was the victim of a champagne bath courtesy of a goggle-wearing Joba Chamberlain, who delicately (see Joba’s left hand?) accosted Ichiro before beginning to empty the contents of the bottle.

As you can see, for whatever reason — or perhaps simply due to the timing of when the photo is snapped — Ichiro appears none-too-pleased about it.

Or maybe, just maybe, Ichiro, who last sniffed the postseason with the Mariners in the year 2001, his first with the team, simply is unfamiliar with the bizarre, booze-soaking ritual.

On the other hand, perhaps Ichiro saw the following photo of Joba celebrating the Yankees’ 2010 postseason berth and was a bit concerned about where this entire process might be headed:

 Hoo boy. Either way, what an image. Hilarious. On both counts.

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