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While discussing eye injury, Aaron Rodgers says he enjoys dressing up like a pirate

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was poked in the eye by New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins during the Pack’s big win on Sunday, forcing Rodgers to leave the game for treatment.

Rodgers addressed the injury during his weekly appearance on 540 ESPN and added that he similarly suffered a similar injury during his high school playing days, which left him with a scratched cornea and a temporary vision loss. Rodgers appears to be good to go for the team’s next game, but even with those two injuries in mind, Rodgers said he has no plans on wearing a protective face shield or anything like that during Green Bay’s upcoming game against the Indianapolis Colts. And while insisting he’d “never” wear a shield for a variety of reasons, he did jokingly mention that something he claims to enjoy doing off the field gave him an idea for an alternative to a protective facemask:

“You know, I have always enjoyed dressing up like a pirate, wearing an eye patch I think would be awesome and would add some legitimacy to my toughness,” Rodgers said. “It would have been sweet to go back in the game with an eye patch and lead us to victory. People aren’t wearing eye patches as often anymore. What is up with that?”

You know, Rodgers is right. What is up with the fact that no one wears eye patches anymore? You may recall Kramer briefly experimented with the look on Seinfeld, but the problems inherent to having one of your eyes covered left it a less-than-suitable fashion accessory. And even though Rodgers joked about it, in practice, considering the lack of depth perception, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for him to sport one during a game. Plus, it’s itchy.

Be that as it may, Rodgers’ admission that he has an affinity for pirate costumes prompted the guys at Kissing Suzy Kolber to come up with a brilliant image depicting Pirate Captain Aaron Rodgers:


In closing, sure, Rodgers was kidding around about his enjoyment of dressing up like a pirate, but even if it was true, is it really any of our business. As far as pirate play is concerned, I say whatever floats your boat (pun intended).