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Watching this portly, older LSU fan get his groove on is disturbingly hypnotic (video)

Granted, what follows isn’t the highest quality of video, but even though it is substandard, the message deciphered from viewing it reads loud and clear: slow motion video of this rather portly, somewhat older LSU Tigers fan boogeying down while celebrating during LSU’s game against Towson last weekend is oddly — and more importantly, disturbingly hypnotic.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. But be forewarned: What you are about to watch may cause you to lose track of time, not to mention perhaps your appetite.

Wait. What day is this?

Boy, this guy really knows how to get down during a getdown. The white shorts really bring it all together quite nicely. And what’s up with the gal next to him?

Now, since I have not seen the video at regular speed, I cannot set forth one way or the other if viewing it at normal speed would make it:

a) More disturbing;
b) Less disturbing; or
c) Just as disturbing

Although I’m willing to put my money on at least “c,” maybe “a.”