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Phoenix Coyotes present Justin Bieber with personalized bubble hockey game (photos)

For reasons I am unable to understand, Justin Bieber is highly regarded in the sports world. Evidence of this troubling and perplexing reality would require far too long to properly document — also, I just don’t care enough about it to muster up the motivation to do it — but a few such examples for the record is his friendship with Masters champ Bubba Watson and how Bieber is a featured character on NBA 2K13Weird stuff.

Now I discover that the Phoenix Coyotes — apparently because the organization has little else to do because of the lockout and since the team is not paying players, apparently have the funds to have one manufactured — presented Justin Bieber with a personalized bubble hockey game featuring the Coyotes facing off against Bieber’s favorite NHL team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Photographic documentation of the momentous event, including images depicting how Bieber wouldn’t even get off his friggin’ Segway (???) to take a crack at the game, follows.

The Biebs faced Coyotes COO Mike Nealy in a game, and as alluded to above, in what I perceive as an act of arrogance, did not hop off his fancy-schmancy Segway for the game:

What’s up with the sunglasses bit? I hope this isn’t some fad. If it is…well, I guess I really don’t care.

And finally, perhaps the most douchetastic photo of Bieber I have ever laid eyes upon, and I’m pretty sure that’s saying something:

Holy crap. This is our future, people. Chew on that for a moment or two.

[H/T Puck Daddy]