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Max Talbot shoots puck out of the air with arrow in ‘Assassin’s Creed III’ promo (video)

In what sadly qualifies as an NHL-related “highlight video” in this tragic wasteland that features a dearth of actual hockey videos due to the lockout, here’s Philadelphia Flyers center Max Talbot, wearing a black hoodie and armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows, shooting a puck out of the air with a bow and arrow as part of series of promotional spots for the upcoming release of Assassin’s Creed III.

Quite the pretty nifty video, not to mention a clever way to promote the new video game. But anyone out there that is gullible enough to believe that this is somehow real — which it is not (duh) — probably is also foolish enough to hold out hope that Gary Bettman will have a change of heart and do anything and everything to put a quick end to the NHL’s labor impasse.

Talbot also stars in another video where he does one-fingered push-ups:

Good stuff. But I’d rather be watching real-live, NHL hockey. But I’m also not holding my breath, either.

[H/T The700Level]