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After 525 consecutive losses, Teddy finally wins a Presidents Race (videos)

At long last, the longest losing streak in the history of presidential mascot racing at major league ballparks, Teddy, the much-maligned member of the racing presidents who compete during every Nationals home game at Nationals Park — and before that, RFK Stadium — who has never won a race, finally triumphed, edging out the other three members with the assistance of someone poorly impersonating the Phillie Phanatic.

Teddy has lost an astounding 525 consecutive races, but on Wednesday, during the Nationals’ regular season finale against the Phillies, finally notched his mark in the win column.

An excerpt from D.C. Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg’s well-written summary of the momentous event:

Wearing a red headband and bright gold shoes modeled after those made famous by world’s fastest man Usain Bolt, Teddy got off to a slow start, trailing Abe, then Jefferson, then Washington.

But a green blob intended to resemble the Phillie Phanatic felled the three leaders in the right field corner, and Roosevelt strolled home by himself as the crowd roared and began chanting his name (really).

He then ripped off his usual jersey, revealing a red “Natitude” t-shirt, and soaked in the cheers.

Fantastic. video of Teddy’s long-awaited victory as well as video of Teddy’s recent intense training regimen follow.

History was indeed made Wednesday, my friends. But who knows if this will have any effect on the Nationals’ good fortune this season as the squad heads into the playoffs. It could be argued that by altering tradition, the team could be messing with its mojo. But then again, that would mean that the race is an orchestrated ruse and isn’t a legitimate athletic competition. And who would want to believe that?