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Kate Upton goes country, rocks pair of Daisy Dukes in upcoming Cosmo issue (pics)

It sure seems like no matter what manner of dress — or undress, depending on the shoot — Kate Upton is modeling, she continues to appear more and more attractive and seems to be developing into a more skilled, much more diverse of a model.

Case in point: for the upcoming Nov. 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan, Upton plays it relatively tame — for her — for the issue’s cover shot, tastefully dressed in a white, albeit short, dress.

But Miss Upton does up the sexiness ante with the only photo my perusing internet lechery has uncovered from the issue. In it, Upton countrifies herself a bit as she is posing seated in the back of an old Dodge pickup truck filled with hay as she rocks some cowboy boots and a killer pair of short shorts Daisy Duke herself would have been proud to paint on.

UPDATE: The fine folks at Bob’s Blitz has unearthed a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot. Well done, gents. It follows.

I’m sure more provocative photos from the issue will surface soon enough, but that one certainly does the trick for the time being, wouldn’t you agree?

One last thing, I’ll refrain from addressing the oh-so-stereotypical Cosmopolitan article topics profiled on the cover. Gee whiz.

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Thanks, Bob’s Blitz.