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Bryce Harper celebrated division title with apple cider, beer-spraying (photos)

(via @Holdenradio)

As you may recall, Bryce Harper’s signature catchphrase, “That’s a clown question, bro,” might never have caught on and taken over the interwebs if it hadn’t been for a reporter in Toronto inquiring about whether the 19-year-old Harper had any intention of taking advantage of Canada’s younger legal drinking age earlier this season, so it merits discussion whether or not the Washington Nationals rookie managed to avoid alcohol-related hijinks as the team celebrated its National League East title on Monday night.

Harper, who has insisted that he never plans on drinking alcohol even when it’s legal for him to do so, reportedly did not imbibe on any alcoholic refreshments in clubhouse Monday, instead choosing to hang out with Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche’s nine-year-old son, Drake. The two apparently doused each other with non-alcoholic apple cider before sharing a sip or two of the beverage.

Via The Washington Post:

Yup, apple cider. As the Nationals guzzled Korbel and Miller Lite, Harper shared a corner of the raucous clubhouse Monday night with first baseman Adam LaRoche’s 9-year-old son, Drake. They eschewed bubbly for the sweet – and soft – stuff.

“I was drinking that,” Harper said. “Me and Drake were pouring that on top of each other.”

And while that makes for a cute story, subsequent photos emerging from the raucous celebration reveal that while Harper may have eschewed drinking the hard stuff, his aversion to alcohol did not mean he wasn’t open to spraying his teammates with some suds:

In the below photo, via the Washington Nationals Instagram page, it certainly looks like Harper is holding a can of beer:

So there you have it. Obviously, holding a beer is not the same as drinking a beer, so I imagine Harper will get a pass on this one. And while I admire how he supposedly obeyed the laws — and his code of ethics — by not drinking beer, I sure hope none of that beer soaking the clubhouse accidentally got anywhere near Harper’s mouth. And if it did, I really don’t care, either, nor do I think anyone will make much of a fuss about it.