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Breaking: Jay Cutler treats member of the Bears organization like crap again (GIF)

Nearly like clockwork, evidence of Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler behaving like a douchebag and treating others around him as if they are beneath his contempt and with total derision has once again reared its ugly head. For the second time in as many Bears appearances in a nationally televised game, Cutler was captured treating a member of the Bears organization like total crap.

A few weeks ago, it was Cutler chewing out and bumping offensive lineman J’Marcus Webb during a loss to the team’s NFC North rivals, the Green Bay Packers. Monday night, ESPN’s cameras caught Cutler’s patented caustic demeanor aimed squarely at Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice. As Tice sat down next to Cutler on the bench and began talking to the quarterback, Cutler just got up and walked away, much to Tice’s apparent chagrin.

USA Today attempts to decipher what appears to transpire:

ESPN cameras caught Cutler walking away from Tice after a series in which the quarterback had to burn a second first-half timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty. The clip shows a frustrated Cutler sitting down on the bench as Tice tries to talk to him. Once Cutler sits, Tice tries to sidle up next to him to continue his one-sided conversation. Without any acknowledgment of his coach’s presence, Cutler immediately got off the bench and walked away to grab a chill Gatorade from the nearest brah while Tice yelled out in vain to stop him.

Mike Tirico speculated that Cutler was upset because Tice’s playcalls were coming in too slow.

How much longer is it going to be before someone within the Bears organization sits this guy down and tells him under no uncertain terms that this kind of petulant behavior will no longer be tolerated? Because if someone on the coaching staff or management doesn’t do it, Cutler is going to eventually piss off the wrong teammate and things might not play out so well if that happens. Especially for Cutler.

[animated GIF via Kissing Suzy Kolber]