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Rays outfielder Desmond Jennings swings at pitchout, pops out (video)

Sometimes for a batter, it’s best to just leave the bat resting on your shoulder or wherever each respective batter leaves the bat. The point is, oftentimes, swinging just gets a hitter into trouble, as was the case with Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Desmond Jennings who took a mighty cut at a pitch and popped out. What makes this situation unique is that said pitch happened to be a pitchout.

With one out and one man on and the count sitting at 1-1 in the top of the 8th inning of Thursday night’s game against the Chicago White Sox, Jennings offered at a pitch from Brett Myers, taking a swing at the pitch. The reason the pitch was supposed to be outside was the White Sox had called a pitchout, hoping to catch Sam Fuld leaning at first base.

To be fair, it appears there was a slight mix-up between A.J. Pierzynski and Myers, because the pitch wasn’t even outside. In fact, it was nearly right down Broadway, as A.J. had to stab his glove back to his left after jumping out of his crouch to have any hope of catching it. Although in the end, A.J.’s efforts were all for naught, as Jennings connected, popping out to second base.

Weird play.