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Fake NFL Network ad promoting regular officials alongside teams is amusing (video)

Obviously, we are all thrilled that the regular NFL officials are back on the job so we can start blaming them when for their ineptitude we believe our favorite team is getting totally jobbed by them. At least they’re somewhat competent…until they’re not, right?

The folks over at Jest passed along the below imagined promotion where NFL Network touts the presence of the regular officials right alongside the teams facing each other weekend’s Week 4 gridiron match-ups. Enjoy.

Haha. Good stuff. And the way they save the best for last by highlighting Ed Hochuli on Sunday Night Football? Perfect. Makes me want to do some push-ups.

And let’s be honest, if this commercial had turned out to be authentic, would anyone been surprised by the NFL Network’s decision to package it just like this? Doubtful.