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Cowboys Stadium opening Victoria’s Secret store, these two gals will be there (pics)

Leave it to Jerry Jones and the Audacious Temple of Football He Built to be the first professional stadium or arena ever that will have its very own Victoria’s Secret store within its spacious confines.

Yep, on Monday, Oct. 1, before the Dallas Cowboys take on the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at Dallas Cowboys Stadium’s Victoria’s Secret PINK shop.

And wouldn’t you know it? Double-J — maybe not Double-J, but I like imagining him calling Victoria’s Secret HQ and barking out orders on how he wants “sum sexy gals to be at the openin” — has enlisted Victoria’s Secret model goddesses Jessica Hart (above, alluringly modeling a Victoria’s Secret Cowboys-themed outfit) and Elsa Hosk (below) and  to be on the scene for the momentous event.

Not too shabby of a lineup there. Yes, I am aware that some Cowboys fans may consider it sacrilege for a story about their beloved team to include a photo of a beautiful woman modeling Giants gear, but get over your petty rivalries for a spell. It’s worth it.

And one caveat: after perusing many, many photos of both Miss Hart and Miss Holk — I know, a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it — I have to admit that I am having considerable difficulty differentiating between the two bombshells, so my identification of the two may be incorrect. Not that anyone minds, probably.

Which leads me to profess that this once again confirms my theory that Victoria’s Secrets models are genetically engineered in some super sexy lab somewhere. How else can you explain it? No, seriously, don’t try to explain it, just enjoy it.

[via Star Telegram, by way of SB Nation]