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Chicks, Man

Paulina Gretzky uploaded more photos to the interwebs, so I shall post them (10 pics)

In keeping with a developing routine initiated here at the Sportress a few weeks ago, we now turn to “The Life and Times of Paulina Gretzky as Chronicled by Photos Uploaded to the Interwebs by the Twitter Temptress Herself.”

Yeah, it’s a bit wordy of a title, but let’s stick with it for now.

In this installment, we will see Miss Paulina gnoshing on some food, posing in tight and skimpy outfits, wearing faux fur, modeling skin-tight workout gear, making the scene and finally, celebrating her little brother Trevor’s 20th birthday. Have at it. And enjoy.

Yep, that last one is Paulina with little bro, Trevor. Happy 20th, sir.