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Oh my: ‘South Park’ premiere features Tom Brady drinking ‘Butters Creamy Goo’ (vid)

The brilliant South Park was back with a new episode on Wednesday night and as always, it was something else (biting and insightful commentary, eh?). Without getting into too many specifics about the plot — although the particulars of the phenomenal episode merits discussion (the episode can be seen in its entirety here — the episode was entitled “Sarcastaball” and for the purposes of this post, the high point of the episode is how it featured a bit dealing with how Butters creates a sports drink called “Butters’ Creamy Goo.” I’ll take the high road and assume everyone is able to make the easy connection between the name of the drink and what is the main ingredient.

As you can see above, the cartoon likeness of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a paid endorser of “Butters’ Creamy Goo” and he is depicted drinking the newfangled and nasty sports drink.

Animated GIF and video containing audio follows.

Yeah, not much to add about that unsettling imagery, right? But once again, Trey and Matt have outdone themselves once again with how they manage to convey brilliant and scathing satire while still upping the ante with irreverent and, definitely to some, downright offensive and absurdly nasty subplots. Although no one with a sense of humor is complaining.

[animated GIF via Kissing Suzy Kolber, video via @JRod502 by way of Barstool Sports]