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Kevin Love poses in front of cavemen display, tweets joke about Lopez twins (pic)

Lank Thompson, NBA-style

Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love has established himself as one of the must-follow NBA players on Twitter and one of the more entertaining, irreverent stars in the league. From his often humorous ramblings to tweeting photos of himself modeling the US Olympic athletes’, uh, interesting outfits to uploading a pic of the US men’s basketball team snoozing on a flight, not to mention documenting Ricky Rubio’s haircut¬†and tweeting photos of himself hanging out with fans during a suspension, Love’s Twitter account is a bevy of amusing basketball-related nonsense.

Love was back at it with the social media hijinks on Wednesday. Posing for a photo in front of a cavemen exhibit, Love couldn’t help himself, tweeting the below photo in order to set up a well-crafted zinger about two of his NBA big man¬†brethren.

Tweeting “Just chillin with Brook and Robin Lopez…,” judge for yourself not only the humor contained in Love’s observation but also the relative accuracy of the T’Wolves star’s opinion:

Hey-oh! Talk about bringing the funny, although there’s a good chance Love is unaware that Brook just got a haircut.

And here’s a question: what race of primitive man rocked hoodies and stylish vests? They look more like hipsters than cavemen if you ask me. Doofus hipsterpithecus, perhaps. Or maybe Homo havenojobilis.