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Keith Hernandez’s mustache is no more, ‘stache aficionados in mourning (pic/video)

“The Way We Were”

It looks like the desperate pleas from Mets fans just wasn’t enough. In a day that will live in soup strainer infamy, New York Mets legend Keith Hernandez and current SNY analyst shaved his iconic mustache on Thursday in an event at Citi Field that featured pomp, circumstance and, uh, a dusting of mustache clippings on the ground that the monumental, historical event deserved.

Hernandez’s mustachioed brethren are likely taking what they likely refer to as “another dead soldier” pretty hard, but they should take solace in that the magnificent mustache’s demise wasn’t all for naught, as Hernandez’s choice to go under the clippers raised $10,000 for the Adult Day Health Center in Brooklyn. So there you go.

The documentation of the heartbreaking moments follows.

SNY was on hand for the historical shaving and documented Hernandez’s process from “Boss ‘Stache” to “Sans Stache”:

And the video:

Hardcore, man. But don’t cry for the mustache, folks, as it is already dead. But it lived a full, majestic and iconic life. That’s nice.