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Guns N’ Poses: Ed Hochuli celebrates lockout’s end with Hochulian bravado

With the news that the NFL and the NFLRA have arrived at an eight-year agreement and the regular officials will be back on the field refereeing games beginning Thursday night when the Cleveland Browns face the Baltimore Ravens, anyone and everyone, from fans and players and the recently locked-out refs, presumably owners and the league and probably, the replacement officials themselves (GET ME OUTTA HERE!), are celebrating that the two sides have put their respective differences aside and have made things right.

One individual in particular was tremendously pleased that the lockout is over: veteran NFL official and biceps showman Ed Hochuli. And wouldn’t you know it? He appropriately commemorated the monumental moment by doing exactly what one would expect Ed Hochuli to do when he’s overjoyed about something.

Ha. Fantastic. A ticket to the gun show, please. Admit one enthusiastic referee thrilled to be back on the job.

[via @JeffDarlington by way of reddit]