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Chris Kluwe was the recipient of epic piece of hate mail for Deadspin op-ed piece (pic)

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe recently wrote an opinion piece for Deadspin. In it, Kluwe set forth his stance on the gay marriage issue. The piece took on the form of an open letter in response to a correspondence penned by Maryland state delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr., who wrote to Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti to request that he “inhibit such expressions from your employee” after Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo publicly supported a gay marriage ballot initiative in Maryland.

Kluwe is a highly intelligent individual and whether or not one agrees with his personal politics, his rebuttal to the Maryland politician likely could be considered by all to be profoundly provocative. And if you agree with Kluwe’s politics, it was a well-thought-out, scathing piece of deserved, up-yours, retaliatory editorial writing.

Either way, Kluwe, not surprisingly given the volatile nature of the gay marriage debate, received his fair share of hate mail. But one in particular caught Kluwe’s eye, so much so that he published it via his Twitter account:

Below is what Kluwe referred to in the accompanying tweet on Wednesday as the “greatest piece of hate mail ever”:

Uh, zing?

Kluwe later tweeted that he believes that the above already was an existing political cartoon and that the individual who sent it to him simply Photoshopped the names underneath to represent Kluwe, et al.

And as far as the depiction of Kluwe in the cartoon. It looks more like the late, great Alice in Chains front man Lane Staley if you ask me.

One last note: no need to go all PolFlaWa on this post. The intent is simply to pass along what one person thought was a creative rip on Kluwe that really wasn’t that creative at all. Not surprising, really.

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