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Catch of the year? Travis Snider robs Mike Baxter of sure home run (video)

In what may turn out to be the MLB Catch of the Year, Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Travis Snider absolutely robs New York Mets outfielder Mike Baxter of what by all accounts should have been a sure home run.

In the second inning of Thursday’s game, Baxter absolutely uncorks on a pitch. Snider tracks the ball in right field as its trajectory gives the indication that it is a goner, but not so fast. Snider crosses the warning track, scales the outfield wall, and using his left hand to prop himself up and stay positioned on the fence, snatches the ball and brings it back in to the field before it lands in the bullpen.

Unbelievable. I haven’t seen a more impressive display of fence-scaling since Wil Wheaton’s character thought he heard “Chopper! Sic balls!” in Stand by Me.