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Yippee! Replacement ref debacle receives the Taiwanese Animation Treatment (vid)

At long last, the twisted minds over at Next Media Animation behind the often brilliant Taiwanese Animation Treatment of the biggest sports news have put their respective two cents to the discussion and heated debate currently going on regarding the NFL’s replacement referee conundrum/debacle. And believe you me, it was well worth the wait.

If Emperor Goodell authorizing the beheading of a Saints player (below) and urinating on fans from his skybox (above) aren’t sufficient enough reasons to watch the animated video report, how about Lingerie Football League referees hovering over a scrum while fantasizing about two gals scissoring? Yeah, that should do the trick.

For those of you unable to view the video at this time, some of the better stills from the video follow below.

Commenting upon the reports that several of the referees currently officiating NFL games previously had been fired by the Lingerie Football League, an image of refs fantasizing about an impromptu scissoring session on the field:

How about Emperor Goodell giving the “thumbs-up,” authorizing the beheading of a Saints player as a punishment for Bountygate? Yep, it’s got that, too:

And without further ado, the video:

Brilliant stuff, Next Media Animation. Keep it coming.