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Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio acts like total a-hole during presser (video)

Apparently, as far as Mark Dantonio is concerned, simply eking out a sloppy win over an inferior opponent just isn’t a good enough reason to be in a good mood. And in most cases, there would be no reason to argue with Dantonio’s perspective. But the rude manner in which he behaved during the post-game press conference warrants at the very least slight criticism.

Despite the fact the Michigan State Spartans are coming off a 23-7 victory over the Eastern Michigan Eagles, Dantonio was clearly in a particularly surly mood. Or at least it appeared that way, in light of the fact he treated the press as if each and every one of them was beneath his contempt, answering nearly every inquiry from a reporter with a terse, monosyllabic response before snapping, “Next question.”

Jesus, what a jerk. The nerve of the reporters trying to do their jobs when Dantonio is in such a crabby-ass mood. Perhaps the rudest part of the overtly rude presser is when Dantonio sarcastically says, “I”m just lovin’ all these questions cuz they’re great ones.” What an a-hole, although I do admire how he stole a page from super-agent Drew Rosenhaus’ playbook with the repetitive use of the phrase “Next question.”

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