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Tom Brady covers up Nike Swoosh on sweatshirt during press conference (pics)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady apparently is taking cues from a young quarterbacking whippersnapper these days as it involves eschewing NFL sponsors in order to protect his business relationship with a company he’s compensated to endorse.

Brady appears to have taken a piece of tape to completely obscure the Nike Swoosh on his Patriots sweatshirt before taking the podium for his interaction with the press on Wednesday. Much like Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, Brady apparently perceives a potential conflict of interest between a company the NFL has chosen to do business with — in this case, Nike, whom the league currently is in the midst of a five-year partnership — and the company that butters his bread, as it were, Under Armour.

A photo better depicting Brady’s impromptu tape-job follows.

What a rebel. But much like the stern talking-to RG3 reportedly experienced following his dalliances with rebellious, logo-obfuscating-related behavior that flies in the face of multi-million dollar business relationships the NFL has embarked upon with certain global sports apparel conglomerates, it’s a safe bet that Brady will be hearing from the league office faster than he can say “WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!”

[H/T NESN, images via @shalisemyoung]