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NY Post was subtle as usual with cover about replacement refs (no it wasn’t) (pic)

When a person is looking for bland, safe and controversy-free cover art from a daily newspaper, they go with the New York Post. If they are insane.

Once again, as it is wont to do (and for more examples of how the Post goes about doing what it does when it comes to sports-related hilarity, see here, here, here, here, here and here), the Post chose to go provocative for its Wednesday cover for its story addressing the NFL’s exponentially expanding issues related to the replacement referee debacle. Depicting a replacement official as a blind man with a seeing-eye dog with the headline, “Oh Say Can’t You See? Blind refs ruining America’s game,” the Post not-so-subtly informs readers of its stance on this particular issue without the need for them to dig deeper into the story, although it’s probably a good read.

The visually impaired community could very well be up in arms over such an offensive image, but then again, this is the New York Post we’re dealing with here. It’s not like anyone still gets bent out of shape by how the paper goes about its business, right? Further, unless somebody tells the sight-disabled, how are they ever going to know?

[image via Newseum]