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NHL 13’s ‘Hercules Check’ glitch exposed, Sidney Crosby sent flying into stands (vid)

With the lockout dragging on and so foreseeable end in sight, NHL fans will have no choice but to get their hockey fix from playing the newest incarnation of EA Sports’ beloved NHL hockey video game,NHL 13.

Not surprisingly, NHL 13 does contain a few minor glitches that are to be expected given the complex technical issues inherent to creating a video game. And then there is one major glitch that now has been documented that is profoundly hilarious.

Dubbed the “Hercules Check” by Dom & John of 2BC Productions, the move showcases how a player that delivers a hip check while hopping over the wall during a line change will send the checked player flying over the glass and into the stands.

To properly document the otherworldly power harnessed by the “Hercules Check,” the guys provide video of the powerful move as it is used upon Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby as well as other NHLers.

Awesome. “I’m gonna make Crosby’s body fly for super fan 87 over here.”

Poor Sid the Kid really was sent flying there. Hopefully, virtual Sidney Crosby is not as concussion-prone as the real version, because I reckon getting shot 20+ feet in the air before plunging into a row of seats could cause some severe head trauma.

[H/T Puck Daddy]